The Marketing Intelligence Behind Small Business Success

Get expert advice and a clear plan to improve your marketing, acquire more customers and increase revenue.

Don’t let the gaps in your marketing hold your business back!

Could you be doing better?

These days there is plenty of information available about how to market your small business.

And the tools at your disposal are simply amazing.


Unless you have a highly trained eye (and lots of experience), there are probably HEAPS of opportunities you’re missing!

We can help if you…

  • Feel overwhelmed about what to do
  • Are not sure where to focus first
  • Want a fresh take or second opinion
  • Aren’t a trained marketer and need guidance
  • Feel like the blind leading the blind
  • Are looking for clarity and a way forwards

If any of this sounds familiar, then the time and effort you spend marketing your business could be going to waste (and you’re loosing potential sales because of it).

Let us show you how to invest 10% of your income and turn it into a 50% increase in revenue

A virtual team on tap

Small business usually means small teams and less resources to share around. It’s hard to go it alone and working in a silo can be a creativity killer!

We can work with you to audit your marketing and develop a clear plan of action. If you need help with any of the things we decide to do, we can provide that too.

We can help your business with…

Direct & Email Marketing

Website Design

Digital Advertising

Social Media

Creative Design

Blogging & Copywriting

Client Testimonials

Dmitriy Kinaev
Dmitriy Kinaev
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“Excellent work and great communication - would recommend Fluidic to anyone without hesitation.”
Rupert Haines
Rupert Haines
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“Fluidic are a passionate marketing agency and a great bunch to work with. Their professionalism and knowledge of the industry puts them ahead in every sense and means they understand how to boost POCD's business. I couldn’t be happier working with them and the outcomes they have achieved for us.”
Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson
Touchpoint Massage
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“5 stars! You should get 10! I am so happy with our website. Such a professional job. Super quick and incredible service. Business has gone through the roof. Thanks a million!”

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